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What is the future of the HiggsHunter project with respect to the new data coming from the LHC in the near future?

  • mwwm by mwwm

    Will this project continue with the old data? Or will a new project be created? Or will we eventually get to classify events from the 13Tev collisions? (I realise post-processing requires significant amounts of computer processing time)



  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    I'll be pretty excited if we also get to see and classify the #13TeV data. I'm curious how much different they will look. That would be neat!

    How many more Higgs events would be produced at this power vs #7TeV during the same amount of time?

    To maybe answer my own question, I found one potential answer on the radio show "Virtually Speaking Science" in the episode "Alan Boyle & Matt Strassler • Large Hadron Collider".
    In this episode, professor Matt Strassler mentions that during the course of this run, we might expect about ten million Higgs particles to be produced, versus about one million that might have been produced during the previous run. Check it out at 11:30 in this show:

    The article "LHC experiments back in business at record energy" suggests that there may be about 1 billion events per second, versus about 600 million cited in "Processing: What to record?" for what is probably from the 7TeV run. I think the calculation involved in determining how often the Higgs is created is dependent upon much more than just the number of collisions and the power of the #LHC, so I leave the math for the experts!