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  • Subject AHH0000rvf

    possibly an interesting event on the left half of slice view and missing energy on the normal scan. #firpacific

  • Subject AHH00011z2

    In the slice, the green vertex appears also to be off center and the yellow arcs begin off the lower green arc. #firpacific

  • Subject AHH0000myr

    In the slice view there is a red curve coming off an off center vertex and dashed red line goes all the way out to detectors. #firpacific

  • Subject AHH0000p1u

    There is an off-white curve in the slice view coming off the off center vertex and going into energy recorded in outer ring #firpacific

  • Subject AHH0000lbr

    interesting off center vertex in the slice view with activity recorded in outer rings #firpacific

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