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  • Subject AHH00008m1

    Well this one is fun. Three big #OCVs in very close proximity.

  • Subject AHH000097u

    5 pink/white lines at 5 and 8 o'clock may be a single OCV, but couldn't see it in the slice view I was presented in the classifier.

  • Subject AHH00004i8

    Seems to be a common theme - automatic S/W tagged only 3 out of 4 tracks going through the #OCV here.

  • Subject AHH00009rs

    Seeing this on the slice view, all I can say is "what the shit?" Upon further review, 3 total OCVs.

  • Subject AHH0000aa8

    2, potentially 3, items of interest there. There's the pink/white cluster, the red/yellow/white cluster, and the yellow/while at 1'o'clock

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