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Check out this one. Nothing like it!

  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    Okay, "nothing like it" may be an exaggeration but I have seen very few with features like this. This one is just amazing.

    Two jets or bundles of a lot of particles, one or two photons and very little energy outside of these two jets of energy. Definitely a noteworthy object!


  • DiNapoli by DiNapoli

    CooI one! would also like to mention the green ocv at 190° coming from between the 3rd and 4th siliconesensors and i think there might be a ocv in white with 2 branches at 20° also between the 3rd and 4th sensors. It's tough to see because it happens underneath the green line of the muontrack. But I bet you've already seen this yourself. Next to the above muon there's a little sign of a electron or photon in yellow.