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  • Ptd by Ptd

    seems to a lot going on in this one?


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    So, how did you mark it ? 😄


  • davidbundy77 by davidbundy77

    The ocv near the center is easier to see in slice. It is almost parallel to the beam so the tracks radiate in all directions in the normal view.


  • andy.haas by andy.haas scientist

    Very nice. This is most likely a Z(->mumu) + bottom quark jets event, which should occur about ~1% of the time in this data sample. It is fairly common to create a pair of bottom quark jets, since it is most likely to make a bottom and an anti-bottom quark. These are the two blue lines at the outside ring at 5 and 10 oclock. (It's also fairly common, about 20% of the time, that the bottom quark jet contains a muon in its decay, like the one at 5 oclock.

    Bottom quarks travel for ~3mm (at near the speed of light) before decaying - so they give real OCVs! But we are hoping to see OCVs that travel further in the detector. The bottom quarks also decay to tracks that are nearly parallel, since the mass of the bottom quark is small (~5 GeV). We're hoping to see OCVs with larger masses, thus more widely spread tracks.


  • DZM by DZM admin

    So this is still a 20% of 1% event... nice to find a 0.2% event, even if it isn't a new particle!