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  • JasonCSumner by JasonCSumner

    Why is there a loop at the 5:00 position?


  • brownfox by brownfox

    Computer's attempt to mark a vertex. You can ignore it. The computer's not very good at it, which is why we need Higgs Hunters.

    More detail in the FAQ: http://talk.higgshunters.org/#/boards/BHH0000001/discussions/DHH00000np

    Thanks for Higgs Hunting


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    This one is quite #messy, and a good #toughie. I notice that there are #diametric deposits of energy, but there is also a good amount of energy between these two points (90° and 180°).

    Thank you for linking the FAQ, @brownfox!


  • pfpughhotmail.com by pfpughhotmail.com

    I'm a total amateur but the loops with lines always remind me of certain Feynman diagrams such as This one. However one of the axis in the Feynman diagram is time not x,y or y,z.