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White line coming out

  • lemap by lemap

    A single line coming out from an isolated point, why?


  • Marcuandy1981 by Marcuandy1981

    I thnik there are two reasons for that:

    1. They can only detect particles with electric charges
    2. They are showing us only the high powered particles.


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    Hello @lemap, the FAQ has quite a lot of information about white lines like the one in this picture.

    Bottom line is there are many reasons for a white line to appear in the detector (sometimes involving cosmic rays). These white lines are typically high-energy, charged particles that are picked up in the "tracking chamber". Only charged particles show up here. Uncharged particles (such as photons) do not appear in this area.

    This project is new to us, so there is a lot of information to soak up and a rapidly growing database of information in this project.