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Strange Decay towards the center

  • germandan by germandan

    At 7 there is what seems to be a OCV with 3 lines that decays towards the center of the structure. Have you seen something like this before? Is it a glitch or a coincidence?


  • Turkwise by Turkwise

    Could be coincidence I suppose? I think if I came across this one I would mark it as "something weird" and leave it at that.


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    I think it's a coincidence. This pattern appears completely different if you view it in Slice mode. I think it's the three white lines that cross each other at a common point. I do think it's odd that they all traverse the same point, however, and I would probably also mark it as #weird if I saw it in Normal or Zoom modes.