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Yellow, circle like object around end of yellow streak. What is it?

  • Joshburns100 by Joshburns100

    Does anyone know what this is?


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    @Joshburns100: The yellow circle is generated by the computer, in an attempt to find off-center vertices. This is mentioned in the FAQ.

    In Normal and Zoom views, there are two or three #ocv, which could be marked as #multiple.

    However, if we see this in Slice view, we see that one off-center vertex is composed of five lines, so we'd classify this as #lots. I think this is an interesting image. In the FAQ, the following point indicates that this bundle of five white lines probably does not originate from the center of the beam, and should be marked.

    The computer is trying to remove any other lines that originate from the center, so anything else you see should be tracks that the computer considers not to come from the original collision. (They might still look like they do, see "backwards tracks" and other artifacts)