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What is the dotted line and the lines not coming from the centre?

  • VPCS244 by VPCS244

    What is the name of the particle not coming from the centre?


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    I see that this doesn't have a B quark tagged, but there is definitely a #bundle of particles at around 50° in Normal view. This jet looks like it corresponds to the bundle of #lots of particles that go below the beam-line, and toward the right in Slice view.

    The yellow color has no major significance, according to the FAQ.

    Q: Why are some lines a different colour? - A: The only colours of
    consequence are green (the muons coming from the center) and the red
    dashed line, which is not a track at all. Other than that, the colours
    don't mean anything specific, but are markers for that the computer
    thinks the lines come from the same vertex. (Read more about the
    colours and dots on the detectors below!)

    To me, this looks like a shower of particles from a B quark or something. It's difficult to know the identities of the particles in this project without the full data for the event; we do know that they are charged and carry a lot of energy because of their trajectory and the fact that they appear in this object.

    As for the data for the collision - I don't see ATLAS on the CERN Open Data Portal yet, so this may not yet be available publicly.

    Perhaps one of the project scientists can dig into this one a bit more?