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Two decays far from center

  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    There are two decays in Normal and Zoom views which appear in the space between the inner rings of detector material and the outer rings.

    Unfortunately, this produces quite a #messy environment in the Slice view.

    Is there any way to tell what we're seeing in this one?

    My guess is some W/Z bosons were the end result, but may have come from a bottom-quark pair decay?

    I think there isn't enough energy shown to indicate two top quarks. Is that a reasonable hypothesis?


  • markbakovic by markbakovic

    The 5 o'clock jet doesn't seem to produce any hadrons, and b-jets are often associated with some hadrons, though it does seem from slice view to have high enough pseudorapidity to potentially bypass the cylindrical part of the calorimeter and hit the endcap (which we can't see). The two tracks that reach the TRT edge either side of the missing transverse momentum line are possibly something interesting (given their near opposite azimuth from the Z muons and neutrino association): I'd almost expect that to be a Z boson decaying to electron/positron but nothing much in the ECAL and the production of neutrinos disfavours that, more likely the tracks are just unrelated. The energetic ocv at 2 o'clock could be interesting: that's quite far off the beamline and they only seem vaguely deflected by the magnetic field, suggesting some mass for their charge...kaons?