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Dashed red turned into particles?

  • tgr by tgr

    It looks like the dashed red line suddenly decided to manifest into two particles, that then got "recreated backwards". Interesting picture, would be nice to hear a scientist's comment 😃


  • markbakovic by markbakovic

    I'm no scientist but: that could be a) a neutral particle travelling with some neutrino(s) that decays to charged particles (allowing the detector to see them) or b) a neutrino managing (how? I don't know, ask a physicist!) to interact with the detector and produce some charged particles: vertices in the panels of the pixel detector aren't exactly uncommon, sometimes impressive particle showers result from one thing happening to hit a silicon atom in the detector 😃


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Quote from the FAQ :

    The dashed line represents the direction of imbalance of momentum when all the detected particles are combined, and is not a particle track in itself.

    So I don't think it can decay into anything as it is not real. I'll leave it to the scientists to explain this ! 😄