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Mix of particles with little energy in calorimeters

  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    I've been stuck on this object for a while, trying to figure out what might have precipitated the things that we see here.

    We have a couple muons - both which seem to have their own jets or bundles of a couple charged particles. There's a neutrino almost right in line with one of the muons and a bottom quark candidate in between two of the charged particles in the opposite jet. This makes me think there was a particle and anti-particle - probably a bottom and anti-bottom, right?

    Because we have a neutrino candidate, then could this be a sign of a decayed W/Z boson? Since there are two muons, is it likely that there were a pair of these that decayed?

    But then there's a very high-energy photon, which is confusing to me. I thought that we might see a bb- only or a photon-photon decay from a Higgs particle, so maybe there's a lot more going on with this object.

    It's a neat one!