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ocv along with muon + bottom quark

  • LHCByloved by LHCByloved

    Hi there

    Just came across that one, looks interesting (and weird at the same time) to see two ocv, where both being along with the muon tracks plus a bottom quark decay with both ocv. Just appearing suspiciously or also being really interesting?


  • markbakovic by markbakovic

    ooh, bb(bar)... 57% of Higgs boson decays are predicted to be to a bottom quark/antiquark pair, making it the least rare decay mode, but it is also hard to confirm (and Wikipedia thinks it hasn't been yet). There are also particles made up of pairs of quark/antiquark, bottom quarks being no exception (such a state is grouped under the umbrella term "bottomium"): Upsilon mesons are the lightest (hence most common?) ones but there are others too.

    The ocvs being in line(ish) is to be expected, what the blue indicates are jets (tightly bunched particles likely coming from the same source) that fit the parameters for resulting from the decay of a bottom quark (this is called b-tagging). So if some of those particles are charged and have enough momentum to pass the track filter, we see their tracks starting from the ocv where the quark decayed.

    here, I created a collection for your enjoyment, which I'll add to as I come across them: