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ocv + 2 bottom quarks

  • LHCByloved by LHCByloved

    Hi there

    This one looks really interesting to me. 😃

    The ocv being nicely in opposite direction to the muon paths, all this with also nice distribution of being 120 degrees angle each between muon-muon-ocv positions, plus two possible bottom quarks are produced/decayed along at/with the ocv's outermost trajectories.

    Would be great to get an experts opinion about that event and whats happening there.


  • LHCByloved by LHCByloved

    Just got another two nice ones of that kind. 😃

    Two (out of three) ocv with bottom quark each, very nice distribution in detector.


    With only one bottom quark indicator, but also nicely opposite to muon tracks.



  • DZM by DZM admin

    Flagging these for scientist attention, since I don't think you got the explanation you were looking for last time. 😃