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ocv followed by second ocv

  • LHCByloved by LHCByloved

    Hi there

    Just came across that event and find it very interesting that one ocv is followed by a second ocv on the same trajectory line (In normal and slice view) and wondering if they are related to each other or if its just coincidence?


  • markbakovic by markbakovic

    that looks like the initial decay produced a hadron which traveled some distance before itsself decaying. That's exactly the sort of characteristic that can be a sign of a bottom quark decaying (in which case the hadron is a b-meson, b-baryon etc.) and so is used to "b-tag" a jet (as likely coming from a bottom quark). Afaik through the scale is on the order of millimetres for b quarks & b-hadrons, as they are very heavy, and the vertices in this event are around 15cm apart indicating much lighter particles (so my extremely unqualified guess would be there are mostly kaons and pions produced at the first vertex, resulting in muon detections and missing momentum (ie neutrinos) from decaying pions, hadron calorimeter hits from surviving pions and perhaps a (relatively) long-lived neutral kaon which further decays at the second vertex (but without the more detailed analysis functionality the scientists use this is just wild speculation on my part).

    My point is: "look for this pattern, but at smaller scales" 😃