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Crossing twice?

  • Kimmo_Sweden by Kimmo_Sweden

    The dotted RED line and the WHITE line seem to cross paths twice?


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator in response to Kimmo_Sweden's comment.

    That is something I don't see too often, I think. It could be that the particle actually did that, or there are #backwardtracks in the object.

    This is explained in the FAQ - here's an excerpt:

    Q: What are we classifying? - A: We are classifying lines that seem to sprout from a common point that is NOT the center. These are called "Off-center vertexes" (OCVs). Ideally, the lines should not extend over that common point, but practically, we see that the computer often makes it look like they do (so-called "backwards" lines)

    From the advanced section of the FAQ:

    The lines are curved because the particles are charged particles inside a strong magnetic field. The higher the particle momentum, the less the curvature.