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Imbalance in-line with showers of particles

  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    I have seen a few of these images where the red dashed line (the measured imbalance of momentum) is perfectly in line with showers of particles. I think this is a neat type of picture. Is this something that should be marked as weird?

    In this case, we see two #ocv coming from near this line, and each OCV has four lines. Most of the energy on the calorimeters is focused in this area.


  • andy.haas by andy.haas scientist

    Yes, you could mark this as weird. It's important that the missing momentum is aligned with the ocv's. That's a sign that some non-interacting particles (dark matter?) could be being produced along with those ocv's!
    (I think this one is sim though...)