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Muon coming "out of nothing"

  • LHCByloved by LHCByloved

    Hi there

    I have seen that one and one similiar where this appeared. What could have happened there that a muon track starts "out of nothing" and not from the centre? Is this to be considered weird or at least interesting?



  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator in response to LHCByloved's comment.

    A muon can be created after the decay of a pion. Though I wouldn't think it likely that the new muon would decay so quickly that it doesn't exit the detector, it could decay into an electron of the same charge and a couple neutrinos (which will generally not show up in the detector regions). Most muons that I see in this project make it all the way through the detectors, so that might not even be a muon. In fact, if you look at the Slice view, it doesn't seem to show up. There are two green lines and one of them has a circle, so that makes me wonder if we have an artifact in the Normal and Zoom views?


  • davidbundy77 by davidbundy77

    The computer confusingly also uses green to mark possible vertices, which is what I think has happened here, so it probably isn't a muon.