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Lots of energy on opposite sides

  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    I've been seeing quite a few of these lately where a lot of energy is deposited on opposite sides of the detectors.

    In this case, I see very dense clusters of the small dots in the tracking chamber in line with the large deposits of energy in the calorimeters. There is very little energy between these two points (120°-140°, 330°).

    I haven't yet seen a discussion that explains what might cause this to happen. Any idea?

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  • brownfox by brownfox

    I am not a scientist but I think what you've got is two (or maybe three) jets caused by decays into particles subject to the strong force, but because none of the particles is particularly energetic, all the tracks in the tracker have been removed.

    Note that the Higgs boson often decays into a b quark and a b-bar antiquark, which would give rise to jets. That may be what's happened here (but probably isn't!)


  • peterwatkins by peterwatkins scientist

    Yes these are what we call two jet events where most of the energy is carried by particles in two narrow regions.
    These would be more dramatic and clear if all the tracks were drawn. In this project tracks from charged particles
    that point back very precisely to the collision point are not displayed to make it easier to spot the off centre vertices.
    That is why you see the clusters of tracking chamber dots and calorimeter energy deposits. Well spotted.