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'Muon jet' follow up

  • koranzite by koranzite scientist

    Hi everyone!

    We've been investigating image AHH0000hn3, which looks a lot like a jet of muons. Some Beyond the Standard Model theories predict such jets, so it would be amazing to find one (and yes, this is real data!).

    However, unfortunately our follow up has concluded it is not a muon jet, but something we call a 'punch-through'. This is caused by a very high energy particle bursting into a shower of particles when it hits the outer parts of the calorimeter. If the shower then 'punches through' to the muon detector, it triggers the sensors and reports a large number of muons when they weren't really any muons there.

    Although this time we didn't find any new physics, be sure to keep looking out for muon jets, as it would be revolutionary if you find a real one!

    In any case, here's a nice picture of the event from our follow up:

    A typical punch-through


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Drats, almost ! ;D

    Thanks for the explanation. 😄


  • undefined by undefined

    thank you very much for that explanation. I was very curious about AHH0000hn3!
    unfortunately no new physics 😦 but better luck next time 😃

    and awesome that you guys looked into it. Thanks!

    oh and maybe this image is also interesting in this context:

    Edit: but I'm not sure if this one is even a real image


  • andy.haas by andy.haas scientist in response to undefined's comment.

    hk4 is also real data. But again it looks like punchthrough. Nice find though!
    BTW, these jets that manage to get through the calorimeter are very energetic - the one in hk4 has an energy of more than 1000 GeV! (The proton beam energy so far is only 4000 GeV!)


  • undefined by undefined

    thank you very much for your answer andy.haas 😃

    and thats also very interesting for me. Is it possible to tell what caused this very high energy?


  • andy.haas by andy.haas scientist

    There is no particular cause. Each event has some probability to be a more "head on" collision...