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More about "switching between views"

  • dcortesi by dcortesi

    Down at the bottom, in the "field guide"(?) the text under the 2nd picture says, "Now let’s switch to the zoomed in view. See how 3 of the lines are blue and the other 2 white?" I have looked & looked and I cannot find a way to "switch to the zoomed in view". The text under the third image says "The slice view is a little harder to see, but if you look closely then you can see the 5 lines all start at a single point." and it seems to be talking about the same event shown in the first and second images. But I cannot see any way to switch to the slice view of the same event from the -- opposite of slice view?


  • Thomas_ by Thomas_ scientist


    There is no way to switch views before you've made a classification. This is an intentional feature of the design of the website - we need roughly equal numbers of classifications in each view, so that we can reconstruct the coordinates in 3D later on. If we let people switch before a classification, we might end up with too many classifications in one view compared to another. If you go onto the talk page for an object you've classified, that's where you can see the different views for the object.

    Happy hunting!


  • dcortesi by dcortesi in response to Thomas_'s comment.

    Thanks for the info. Suggest you have someone review the wording of the "field guide" because it strongly implies otherwise.


  • Kyle01 by Kyle01 in response to Thomas_'s comment.