Higgs Hunters Talk


  • Ptd by Ptd

    There is a new green FAQ link in the classification interface, when I clicked the "Back" button in Chrome after looking at the FAQ, I wasn't taken back to the original image I was looking at.


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Hm. I hadn't anticipated that.

    If you want to read the FAQs without losing your current image, open the link in a new tab or window (right-click, or hold "control" while clicking).

    It's worth considering that people might not realize this while clicking for the first time, though... I don't think it could be implemented in any way where clicking "back" brings you to the image that you were working on.

    What do people think? How should the button be designed? Is it a big deal to lose the image that you're working on? I figure classifying these is fairly quick...


  • mininggirl by mininggirl in response to DZM's comment.

    I think it should just auto open a new tab rather than changing the current tab. And yes, it is a big deal because if you have a cool image you are still classifying it's important not to lose it.