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Web Site Classification Start Up Behaviour

  • STFC9F22 by STFC9F22

    I’m not sure whether this is a bug but it is something that has confused me and might confuse others.

    Having logged in, I clicked the Classify link in the Header menu and was presented with a blank image to classify, at first I assumed that the site had failed to serve the image so decided to proceed in the expectation that an image would be served next time round so I clicked the ‘OK’ button and received the message advising that my classification had been accepted. I then clicked the talk link to note that no image had been served and this took me to a page which had no facility to add comment. I’ve done this on three separate occasions and assumed the site to be failing until realising that the Get Started button needs to be clicked to receive the first image.

    UPDATE: My assumption that this was caused by not having clicked the Get Started button seems to be incorrect as the same thing has just happened using the Get Started button, although I am now receiving images. Is the site slow to serve the first image or is it just my connection? [My system is Win 7 64-bit and IE11].