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Marking and deleting a selected point

  • delete_91a6d6fd by delete_91a6d6fd

    Hello everyone,

    first of all, thank you soo much to let us be part of this incredible experience =)

    Now, few questions:

    1. It´s possible to go forward and backward from the "image" we are classifying to the page where you can see it as Slice, Normal and Zoom view?

    2. It´s possible to delete a selected point?

    3. If one line cross two different lines and both of them looks like they are an off-centre vertex, which should we choose to mark? Both of them or the one that it´s closer to the center of the image?

    Thank you for your replay.


  • andy.haas by andy.haas scientist

    Thanks for participating!

    1. No, but you can switch between the views in "talk", after classifying the event view.
    2. Yes - just click on it again, then click the "x" in the top right corner of the "how many tracks" window.
    3. If two lines simply overlap randomly, don't mark it as a vertex. For this reason, 2-track vertices are hard to be sure about. Often it's best to mark a 2-track vertex only if it looks close to some other vertex(es) or "points" back towards the center of the detector, as if something neutral from the center collision suddenly split into a +- pair of tracks.
      Hope that helps!


  • alanbarr by alanbarr scientist

    Just to add, there's a good scientific reason why the different views cant be marked and seen together. It that's because we want classifications and marks to be independent between views for statistical reasons.


  • Space_Cookie by Space_Cookie

    But the way you've implemented it means there are going to be enormous differences between classifications of the same 'view' purely because people have different sized screens.

    If you want to compare apples with apples, then you should be making sure that everybody sees the same sized 'view'.

    For example, make the 'view' 4.5" by 4.5" for everybody irrespective of whether they have a 10" or 21" monitor.

    Now that's not going to go down well with people who've got big screens, is it? And it doesn't go down well with people who have small screens either!

    So, make it as big as it would be in a 21" monitor for everyone and provide scrollbars for smaller screens.

    Come on guys, this isn't rocket science - even I can write the html for that.