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"Giant atom smasher starts up after 2-year shutdown"

  • DZM by DZM admin

    Some LHC news that I thought people here might appreciate!

    BERLIN (AP) — The world's biggest particle accelerator is back in
    action after a two-year shutdown and upgrade, embarking on a new
    mission that scientists hope could give them a look into the unseen
    dark universe.

    Scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN,
    on Sunday shot two particle beams through the Large Hadron Collider's
    27-kilometer (16.8-mile) tunnel, beneath the Swiss-French border near


  • willy71 by willy71

    Thank you for the good news from the zooniverse team. yesterday i look the news to the live blog inside to the CERN website. I'm verry happy for LARGE HADRON COLLIDER is back in action after 2 years shutdown and upgrade. My congratulations to all scientists at the CERN. Good luck and good speed. I'm verry happy to contributed and participated to HIGGS HUNTERS , on LARGE HADRON COLLIDER, and i hope in new discovery into unseen dark universe. citizen scientist : WILLY 71. from italy.