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  • Angel_Kate by Angel_Kate


    Just started this project and still a little unclear what I am looking at. Can anybody explain what is in teh attached image?



  • mike-ds by mike-ds

    As with other Zooniverse projects, they prefer to give minimum instructions. My guess is that there are not enough resources to help everyone with their questions. You are supposed to look at the examples in the lower half of the classifying page and read the FAQ (Link is on Discussion Board page; left side menu, 'Featured Discussions' 4th topic down from top), and then ask questions where needed - but it may take a while for a response. The FAQ will tell you what the coloured tracks are and what to look for: the thick green ones emanating from the centre are muons. The images selected for this study should all have 2-4 muon tracks. You are looking for off centre vertices (ocv), which in this normal ('down the barrel') view of the accelerator would ideally look like a 'V' shape; two or more tracks that are joined at their base and stream out towards the periphery. Since you do not have such a V shape in your image, you would just ignore it and go to the next image. It is more complicated in side-on view (slice view), so read the FAQ and look at the examples, and just have a go at it.