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How to correct my selection

  • bala2206 by bala2206

    How can I see the three views and after this correct my selection. After seeing the three views I can't return to the origin picture.


  • ElisabethB by ElisabethB moderator

    Hi bala2206 and welcome to HH

    Here's an entry from the FAQ :

    Q: Can we get zoom/extra views? - A: No. There is a reason for this that the scientists have thought about. Basically, to make sure all classifications are based on the one view that they present to us, to level the playing field.

    So basically, you cannot see all three views during classification and you cannot go back to correct your classification for the reason stated above. But don't worry if you make a mistake because lots of other people will see this same image so any oopsies will get irond out.

    Hope this helps and happy hunting ! ;D