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  • Chinabob by Chinabob

    Would somebody be kind enoubh to help me understand this image.


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator in response to Chinabob's comment.

    Hello @Chinabob, This image is a simulation that was created by the project scientists, to help tune the project.

    Overall, this appears to be two jets of #lots of particles, from two distinct #bundle. It is difficult to know exactly what is happening in this object, but the scientist have the data to determine which particles and jets were produced here.

    It is difficult to tell what's going on in Normal or Zoom views, but here is what I see:

    • 10+ particles at one off-center vertex (OCV)
    • Possibly one- or two other OCVs: The two white lines that appear to
      meet the big shower of particles at around a 90-degree angle. I would
      probably mark the vertex of both of those as weird.
    • There is a lot of energy in the electromagnetic detector (green ring) in one location, opposite the two muons (green lines). This could be a photon - see Higgs Hunter lines.
    • The tracker is abnormally full of particle hits (gray rings which compose the largest surface area), with no pattern of particles which are particularly interesting.

    However, in Slice view, we can get a better idea of what's happening:

    • There are two #bundle, plainly visible, and they are also #diametric - meaning that they are traveling in opposite directions. One #bundle has 4-5 particles, the other has 7-8.
    • The sweeping lines and the green muons aren't particularly interesting in this case.

    Dr. Andy Haas' (@andy.haas) blog post Tell me the truth! describes the simulation object very well.

    The What you’re seeing on HiggsHunters post describes the project in general.