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Just starting out - AHH0000ps9

  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    Hello @ALEX-7,

    It's good to have you here!

    This is my first image,and I am confused by the off centre individual
    white lines.

    The individual white lines usually show the path of one charged particle through the detector. They frequently cross paths with other single particles, but you don't need to mark them unless they appear to originate from a single point.

    However, if you see a lot of single lines that run parallel to each other and originate very close to one another, then you might mark it weird. These might be what I've been calling a #bundle, and typically I pair it with the tag #weird.

    If you find a big mess of single lines scattered all about, you could tag the object as #messy, for example.

    Also,I would like to know what the long red line is
    Not the dashed red line by the way

    The solid red line typically isn't anything special. The image that we see here is the output of the program that tries to guess the origin of particles, and sometimes it marks them with a color. You can think of this one that same as you would a white line.

    The pair of green lines are special, and they usually (but not always) show a pair of muons. Sometimes the computers color other particles as green, too.

    How can I swap between views, using an android tablet?

    Views may only be changed in the discussions/Talk page, like this one. You may not change the view from the classification interface. This is a setting that the project designers configured in order to help with their study - if they allowed the view to be changed in the classification interface, then they might not get the data that they need.

    I hope this is helpful!