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  • Chinabob by Chinabob

    Would somebody be kind enough to tell what the particles are represented by the vrs coloured lines, the rectangular blocks on the outer blue ring, the yellow blocks on the inner green ring this would help me to understand what I am looking at.
    Failing this could somebody direct me to the help page that explains this.


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    Hello @Chinabob,

    Welcome to the Higgs Hunters project!

    You may find a lot of common information in the FAQ discussion page.

    1. Colored lines - Here is a great explanation from the FAQ:

    Q: Why are some lines a different colour? - A: The only colours of
    consequence are green (the muons coming from the center) and the red
    dashed line, which is not a track at all. Other than that, the colours
    don't mean anything specific, but are markers for that the computer
    thinks the lines come from the same vertex. (Read more about the
    colours and dots on the detectors below!)

    There is more to the significance of the different colors, but first let's review the detector layout and how it's represented in the images:

    Q: What are the colourful areas on the edge of the circle? - A: They
    represent different parts of the Atlas detector. The orange and green
    rings are calorimeters, and the blue ring on the outside is the muon
    spectrometer. You can see a diagram here:
    http://www.atlas.ch/detector.html Rectangular areas in those rings are
    energy measurements.

    Apart from green and the red dashed line, the colours of the lines
    have no special meaning. The computer will try to colour tracks coming
    from the same vertex in the same colour, but it gets it wrong more
    often than not, so use your own judgement.

    About those rectangular blocks in the muon detector area - here is what the colors represent:

    • Bottom quark = Blue
    • Electron = Green
    • Muon = Red
    • Photon = Yellow


  • Chinabob by Chinabob in response to Whoandwhatitis's comment.

    Mzany many thanks for taking the time to pass on that info. I have now found the relevent pages on the site.
    Thanks and have an uncom plicated day from Australia