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wierd marks

  • dark_does_matter by dark_does_matter

    in this data sample there are three varying eliptical shapes in the shot, are these marks something that should be classified as something wierd/strange, as i have not seen these examples in the tutorial, and just wanted some clarification on them. Thanks Christopher


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    Thank you for participating!

    You're right that the tutorial doesn't feature these ellipses. You can safely ignore them - they don't need to be marked or acknowledged in any way.
    This is mentioned in the FAQ:

    Q: What are those colourful circles or dots I see sometimes? - A: They are artifacts from the computer. Ignore them.

    This discussion goes into a bit more detail:

    Circles or ovals are where the computer guesses a vertex is. It does a quite good job in slice, but terribly in normal and zoom. Feel free to ignore them.

    The FAQ is broken down into a quick and simple section, and a more advanced section for more detailed information.