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What is OCV?

  • eisterman by eisterman

    I am not english, and the project aren't translated in my language.
    I know english and i use the site good, but is for me impossible to know some acronyms like OCV.

    So, What is an OCV?


  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    Hello @eisterman,

    Thank you for asking. OCV is "off-center vertex". This can be considered a point from which two or more lines (particles) originate. The lines (particles) will travel away from the beam of protons, and they originate from an OCV.

    Off-center implies that the vertex does not originate within the confines of the beam. Because of the selection criteria that the scientists have specified, all images on Higgs Hunters should show only vertices that are outside the proton beam.

    More information: http://talk.higgshunters.org/#/boards/BHH0000001/discussions/DHH00000np

    I hope this is easy to translate!

    What is your primary language? We might be able to help with a better translation.