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Confused about slice view center

  • Staceva by Staceva

    I've read that the slice center is in the middle vertically, but am confused that the FAQ also says it's 'the line where all the colorful dots are' - to me this is a horizontal line? Am I understanding correctly that the green muon lines come from the center? As in many slice images these are off-center, so I'm not sure whether to use them as a guide as to where the center is, or whether to mark them as OCVs?

    Hope this makes sense, please forgive a confused newbie!


  • Turkwise by Turkwise

    I thought I posted a reply to this yesterday, but I guess I messed up somehow...

    Anyways - Yes, the center is a horizontal line. The "vertical middle" is an imaginary line that separates the top and bottom halves of the image, which means it is a horizontal line. (but it's not completely imaginary, since we have those dots to guide us!) Thus, any line originating from that horizontal line is in the center.


  • peterwatkins by peterwatkins scientist

    In the slice view all the collisions occur along the horizontal line that is in the middle vertically. When we are looking for an ocv we also need to know the location of the particular collision that we are studying. The two green muons originate from this collision so the point where they start defines the centre in the slice view as Staceva suggests. I hope this helps.