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Toughie - Lines close to center

  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    It's very close, @lowellbuzz and (@Thomas Gareth). You can certainly mark these as you see fit.

    From the FAQ:

    The computer is trying to remove any other lines that originate from the center, so anything else you see should be tracks that the computer considers not to come from the original collision. (They might still look like they do, see "backwards tracks" and other artifacts)

    Because these lines appear, they're thought to not be exactly in the center, so you may mark them.

    In the Normal and Zoom view, you might see two or three sets of two lines each, and maybe classify one as having three branches. This one is probably a #toughie. Slice view is also difficult to figure out, and I ended up marking it with two "something weird" targets because they don't have a vertex and there are probably eight charged particles there.