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Off-center white line with a slight curve

  • Whoandwhatitis by Whoandwhatitis moderator

    Hello #1984editor,

    You mentioned:

    Why does the mark I targeted off center and weird have a slight curve to it?

    This is addressed in this discussion here: http://talk.higgshunters.org/#/boards/BHH0000004/discussions/DHH000001h

    The curvature is because the detector is in a (solenoidal) magnetic field and the particles are electrically charged. The higher the particle momentum, the less the curvature. This is how we measure particle energies. Thanks for the great questions!

    I'm sending @jokergirl a message to ask about adding this to the FAQ.

    The white line that I think you're talking about is around 330° in Normal and Zoom view. This is likely a particle that has enough energy that it was picked out by the computer, yet low enough energy that its path is curved by the force of the magnets in ATLAS. The magnet system is shown here: http://www.atlas.ch/detector.html