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AHH0000its - possible image discrepancy

  • STFC9F22 by STFC9F22

    The ‘talk version’ of the normal view and its zoom appear to show a pair of white lines meeting at a point close to the 5 o’clock green line (and running in an 8 o’clock direction from there), however in the normal view which was presented for classification, the upper of those two white lines stopped some way short of the point of convergence.

    I was considering whether I should mark what would have been the crossing point of the two white lines had the upper line been projected (as a possible 2 leg ocv) but decided not to as this seemed to me to be a level of interpretation that would be too difficult to apply consistently although I would be interested to learn if an expert would have done so.

    The apparent discrepancy between the classification image and the talk images does however raise the question whether there is a small issue with the image generating software (or my eyesight)?