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Colors per Particle

  • maxoley by maxoley

    I'm aware that green lines mean muons and no lines plus large energy in the caloimeters means photons, but what do the other colored lines stand for. Examples: red, doted red, pink, blue, orange.


  • peterwatkins by peterwatkins scientist in response to maxoley's comment.

    The red dashed line represents the direction of imbalance of momentum when all the detected particles are combined.
    Apart from the green muons the other track colours have no special meaning.

    The large energy in a calorimeter without a track line can indicate a photon or other neutral particle(s) but in these pictures many tracks which point precisely to the collision point are not displayed (to make it easier to focus on the tracks displaced from the collision point) So the calorimeter energy can be from both charged and neutral particles in these pictures


  • DZM by DZM admin

    This would be useful information to add to @jokergirl 's FAQ page, I think!


  • JasonJason by JasonJason

    If the colors have no special; meaning why aren't they all white?


  • brownfox by brownfox

    No special meaning for us. Non-white lines have been traced back to a vertex by the computer, but we don't care about that, we still mark all vertices whatever colour the lines are.