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AHH0000ji6, Possible Branch in lower section

  • rdaniels9 by rdaniels9

    I am not sure if the two crossing white lines, to the left of the green lines, in the lower hemisphere are branching or not.


  • Turkwise by Turkwise

    Despite having relatively few lines, I'd call this one a toughie. Those two white lines at top center could be forming a vertex (not drawn all the way), while the lines right of center could too (possible 3 branches!). I don't know if I would completely discount the top left lines, either. Left of the green lines doesn't look like vertex to me, since I would think the white line moving off to the right is just a stray.

    It's also possible, in my view, that there are no vertexes here, but I would probably mark the ones I think are "definite maybes". Honestly, I don't like images like this one...they confuse me.