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White lines all over the place

  • egaeci by egaeci

    I understand what to mark when there is a clear OCV, but what about all of these white lines crossing all over the place? What do I do with them?


    Also, when there is a single white line crossing a coloured line, where the coloured one comes from the center but the white doesn't, do I just ignore that?


  • undefined by undefined

    you can ignore random white lines.
    and also when a random white line cross a colored line you can mostly ignore it too.
    Always remember we look at "3D" images. lines can cross in "space" without touching. most of the white lines are guesses by the computer to combine data to a trail to find an ocv (I guess)
    but you can also find a lot of helpful information in our FAQ: http://tinyurl.com/Higgs-Hunters-FAQ