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Not sure

  • Andreas.S by Andreas.S

    hi, just want to be sure. I should mark the spot on 9oclock near the dotted red line and what about the crossing lines at near 3 oclock in the black ring?


  • andy.haas by andy.haas scientist

    I would not mark any of those. The 9oclock one seems to be spreading out backwards, which is non-sensical. And the other two seem to just cross randomly, at too large an angle.


  • taryneast by taryneast

    hmmm "backwards" - cool to know that. This sort of thing should go in a set of examples for newbies of "what doesn't count as a vertex" 😃

    Note: newbies like me don't realise they are nonsensical because we don't know there even is a "backwards"... and because we dn't realise all that, we don't know we should ask. Thus is would be good to put something like this in the tutorial


  • randi by randi

    Thanks, that helps me too.



    thanks as well.....really trying to wrapped my understanding about the requirements here