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Seeing all three views

  • kevinwest by kevinwest

    I can't see all three views of an event. Only one each time


  • andy.haas by andy.haas scientist

    Right. To simplify things each user sees just one view at a time.
    You can see multiple views in the "talk" though...


  • DrJuliaG by DrJuliaG

    OK. But when you go to Talk you can see 3 views & this can make you reassess what you put the first time. But it seems to be impossible to go back & correct your earlier assessment - is that right?


  • ac071 by ac071

    yes, lots of discussion on this in the Help discussion.


  • skyter by skyter

    I aggree it would be wery usefull to have the 3 views for classifying, like in the "talk". This would definitively help clarify some renderings.